The Joy of Jewellery

We understand that jewellery is an emotion. Over four generations, we have fine-tuned this feeling to curate iconic collections that become family heirlooms. We take great pride in our high aesthetic, keen sense of craft, and the instinct for the finest gems and diamonds. But our greatest source of joy is how every Bholasons piece feelsmade-to-measure for the woman of our time.

A Legacy of Passion

Shri Sita Ram Bhola and Shri Munshi Ram Bhola opened the first Bholasons store inGanganagar, Rajasthan, in a newlyindependent India.

Their passion forjewellery, commitment to excellence, and the art of turning customers into lifelong friends and patrons, have been passed down from generation to generation for that quintessential Bholasons touch.

From the first retail store in Karol Bagh in 1982 to our flagship store at Gold Souk Mall in Gurgaon, we continue to create an experience where discretion and personalisation remain our top priority.

  • An Eye for Magnificence

    Each fabulous piece at Bholasons manifests the emotional power of jewels. We have always championed the intuitive way to discover and select jewellery so that you never have to choose between the bond of a family jeweller and the discernment of a luxury connoisseur.

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  • Mindfully Curated

    Our process involves an acute understanding of global and local jewellery trends, and an appreciation of the refined sensibilities of our patrons. Inspired by their evolving taste, we createbreathtaking jewellery with master-craftsmen from across the country.

The Beauty of Virtue

We are who we are because of our partners and our patrons. Our honesty in advising our patrons, and our transparency in providing them with a stellar product ensure their faith remains unwavering in us. All our partners, collaborators and employees work with the same unflinching sense of integrity to protect this DNA. This community of ethical and value-driven designers, craftsmen and innovators is the bedrock of Bholasons' promise.

  • Delightful Discovery

    As a fourth-generation family jeweller, we extend trustworthy guidance to help you discover heirloom-worthy jewellery. The Bholasons experience is designed to deliver a made-to-measure exploration process informed by personalaesthetics, value and wearability that ourpatrons seek.

  • The Bholasons Family

    Four generations ago, Bholasons was established on a singular principle - a deep and personal commitment to bringing the finest jewellery to our patrons. Now Dr Rajendra Bhola, Mrs. Sangeeta Bhola, Mr. Subhash Bhola and Abhinav Bhola guide the legacy, each decision steeped in the original ethos of uncompromising excellence. As custodians of this illustrious heritage, the family ensures that Bholasons not only remains synonymous with luxury but also with a commitment to service that is unparalleled in its depth and sincerity.

    The Bholasons Family